Cedrus Response Pad RB530

The current USB-based, RB-530 model represent the fourth generation of response pads in this series. All the improvements are based on customer feedback. The result is high quality, ergonomic, and practical response pads that are compatible with all major stimulus presentation packages, including: E-Prime, Presentation and SuperLab.

The RB-530 provides five keys and is ideally suited for experiments involving spatial orientation (as is the RB-834 model). The keys are large and feature removable key tops (except for the center round key). The following photo shows an RB-530 pad with the colored tops (included free) installed. The pad ships also with four clear key tops so you can insert any legend or color paper.

When you buy an RB-530, the following items are included:
RB-530 response pad, Wrist pad (see small picture on the left), Four white key tops, Four clear key tops, One red key top, One green key top, One yellow key top, One blue key top, USB cable.

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Cedrus Response Pad RB530