Latent GOLD Choice 5

Latent GOLD Choice is available as a stand-alone program or it can be co-licensed with Latent GOLD. LG Choice does not include the features of Latent GOLD. The Types of Models:
(1) First choice models: an extended multinomial logit model (MNL) is used to estimate the probability of making a specific choice among a set of alternatives as a function of choice attributes and individual characteristics (predictors). (2) Ranking models (including MaxDiff scaling): the sequential logit model is used for situations where a 1st and 2nd choice, 1st and last choice (best-worst), other partial rankings or choices from a complete ranking of all alternatives are obtained. (3) Conjoint rating models: an ordinal logit model is used for situations where ratings of various alternatives, which may be viewed as a special kind of choice, are obtained. For each of these situations, response data are obtained for one or more replications known as choice sets.
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Latent GOLD Choice 5

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Platform Windows
Levertijd 1-2 dagen
Medium Elektronisch
Versie 5.0
Fabrikant Statistical Innovations