NVivo 12

NVivo 12 is here - what is new in NVivo 12?

NVivo 12 is highly intuitive and more customizable than everbefore, so you can get on with exploring your data, not learningsoftware. With enhanced support for mixed-methods data, an easier-to-use interface and a redesigned experience, NVivo 12 helps you findmore connections in your data than ever before.

Better support for mixed methods - NVivo has always supported mixed methods research. Crosstabs provides new support for mixed methods by enabling the analysis of themes by one or two attributes, like age or occupation, or by cases.

Quickly exchange data with SPSS - Totals are automatically calculated and the results can be saved as an SPSS file (.sav) for further statistical analysis. Using quantitative measures to support your qualitative analysis has never been easier.

Look through different lenses - Easily visualize and understand cross tabulated data, and create a snapshot that can guide writing up findings.

Easier, redesigned Windows navigation: - Easily explore your data with commonly used commands at the front of the ribbon, simplified default tabs and new contextual tabs that show options relevant to what you’re working on.

Customize your view for quick access - Take control and pin your frequently used folders and items in navigation view for quick access to what you need.

Why NVivo?

The Challenge - Seeing the big picture. The rise of the internet, social media and connected devices has resulted in an explosion of unstructured data for researchers to wade through. What’s more, data is spread across many different formats – text, video, audio, social media and more. The real question is – how do you bring all that data together in a meaningful way? Without the right tools, such research can be time consuming, challenging to manage and hard to discover connections throughout that aren’t naturally obvious.

The Solution - NVivo 12 by QSR is powerful research made easier. NVivo is the leading and most powerful research tool for gaining richer insights across growing and diverse volumes of data. With NVivo, you can store, organize and manage all data in the one platform, from quantifiable demographic information to qualitative open-ended questions and interviews.

NVivo lets you import research data from virtually any source, including surveys, interviews, articles, video, email, social media and web content, rich or plain text, Word, PDF, audio, digital photos,spreadsheets, notes from OneNote and Evernote and more. It is also the only analysis software that allows you to collect data from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as rich datasets, meaning you cannot only import comments, but also other valuable data such as demographics and locations.

What’s more, your research is also portable – work securely in thefield, at home – anywhere.

Who uses NVIVO - The #1 software for academics and professional researchers. NVivo has been designed specifically for academics and professional researchers where deep levels of analysis is required on small or large volumes of data.With its origins beginning in academia in 1981, NVivo continues to innovate, growing to serve over 1.5 million academics and professional researchers in more than 150 countries, and is the#1 most trusted qualitative data analysis software. NVivo is suitable for professional researchers at all levels of expertise and experience who are pursuing an answer to their research. Available on Windows or Mac, NVivo has an edition to suit yourresearch needs.

Benefits - Work Faster Quickly and easily find what you need with centralized datastorage. Analyze and explore themes from the moment you start a project, no matter how large. Pin frequently-used folders and items in navigation view for quick access to what you need.Work EasierOnly see commands when you need them with a streamlined ribbon. Get an overview of your project with our simple navigation view. Visualize patterns in the data based on age, occupation or other variables relevant to your analysis.Work More Efficiently Ask complex questions and look for emerging themes between topics, people or places. Build powerful queries based on demographic data. Analyze scanned PDFs including hand-written scrip

Pro, Plus, Mac or Teams – there’s an NVivo for you

Connecting the dots in your data is faster, easier and moreefficient with NVivo software.More than just a tool for organizing and managing your data, NVivohelps you think differently about your research, uncover more andback it all up with rigorous evidence. Whether you are workingindividually or in a team, on Windows or Mac, are new to researchor have years of experience, there’s an NVivo option to suit you.

Import and go

NVivo is compatible with many information-gathering platforms,including Atlas.ti, MaxQDA and Framework, EndNote, Mendeley,RefWorks, Zotero, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, MicrosoftAccess and IBM SPSS Statistics. Evernote, Survey Monkey,Qualtrics, OneNote and TranscribeMe.

New - Amberscript

We are very proud that we have a wonderful new tool in our range: Amberscript. The ideal addition to your qualitative analysis software such as ATLAS.ti, NVivo or Maxqda. Amberscript converts your audio / video files into high-quality transcripts in no time. No longer endlessly busy with your recorded in interviews but directly with a transcript. Available in Dutch, English and German and more languages ​​to follow!

More info at https://www.scienceplus.nl/amberscript

PLEASE NOTE: only on 'showing' a scan / photo of the student card, you are eligible for a student license. Delivery of software is NOT an automated process, but we will be handled the same business day.

Annual lease licenses have a minimum of 3 users, and do not include upgrade to future versions.

Enterprise licenses (ELA) do not have a minimum number of users, and include upgrade to future versions.

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NVivo 12

NVivo 12 Specificaties

Platform Windows, Mac
Levertijd 1-2 days
Medium Elektronisch
Versie 12
Fabrikant QSR International