Cedrus Stim Tracker

StimTracker was created with mainly one purpose: sending event markers, and making it trivially easy to do so. So easy, in fact, that StimTracker is born ready to connect to a variety of EEG/ERP recording devices (see sidebar) and a PC's parallel port. You no longer need to worry about incompatible connectors, pin assignments, and custom cables -- it's done for you.

It is common to send event codes from the stimulus presentation computer to a recording device. StimTracker provides a USB port for this purpose, but it can also mark a complete range of the following events, namely up to four lightsensors; a voice key; Two audio channels and Six TTL inputs.
The amount of information available to you depends only on how many input lines your equipment can handle.

Synchronize Eye Tracker and EEG
A special version, StimTracker for Tobii TX300, allows you to simultaneously mark the onset of a light sensor on a Tobii TX300 eye tracker and any of the supported EEG systems -- an industry first.

An Eye For Stimuli
Unable to find a lightsensor that is unobtrusive, easy to mount, and fast, we set out to build our own. After the initial vetting, we put six electronic lightsensors through a rigorous selection process. Then we designed a tiny plastic housing (just 8 by 14 mm) and built the necessary mold. The result? Just peel and attach to the screen.

To make the Cedrus Lightsensor even less distracting to participants, we offer it in black and in white, the two background colors most commonly used in experiments.

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vanaf € 1.116,38 excl. BTW
Cedrus Stim Tracker

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