Creating an experiment in EventIDE is as easy as creating an interactive slide presentation, except that you have more control on a flow logic and runtime content adjustments.

EventIDE offers a revolutionary simple scripting paradigm, which is completely free of any routines or functions related to the experiment design. This eliminates learning curve for new users and allows virtually any programming language (with all its power) to be employed in EventIDE. To prove the advantage of our paradigm, we compared the code length (number of statements) and code complexity (number of unique statements) for two classic experiments implemented in EventIDE versus other popular stimulus presentation packages.

A modular architecture of EventIDE allows not only to integrate user extensions, but also to customize or replace about 80% of the program core. EventIDE delivers all standard features and techniques familiar to behavioral experimenters: stimulus delivery, timing accuracy, randomization, etc. In addition, you will find many unique features that can greatly enrich your designs (see our youtube channel for some demos).

A complete feature list of EventIDE is available on the Okazolab website, the manufacturer of the EventIDE software.

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