Latent GOLD 5.1

Latent GOLD® is a powerful latent class and finite mixture program with a very user-friendly point-and-click interface (GUI). Two add-on options are available to extend the basic version of the program.

The Advanced/Syntax add-on enables more control for advanced users via use of a Syntax command language including intuitive LG-equations™. This add-on also contains more advanced GUI modeling features such as Latent (Hidden) Markov and Multilevel models.

The Choice add-on allows estimation of discrete choice models via the point-and-click interface. When obtaining both the Choice and the Advanced/Syntax add-on, various advanced choice models can be estimated and the Syntax can also be used to further the customize discrete choice models.

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vanaf € 12,93 excl. BTW
Latent GOLD 5.1

Latent GOLD 5.1 Specificaties

Platform Windows
Levertijd 1-2 days
Medium Elektronisch
Versie 5.1
Fabrikant Statistical Innovations