We are pleased to announce the release of QDA Miner v4.1 and SimStat 2.6. QDA Miner users will find the latest version, 4.1, more flexible and easier to use, while SimStat users will appreciate the new modern-looking interface of version 2.6 and enhanced integration with other Provalis Research tools.

 The new version of QDA MINER introduces several improvements including:

  • ·         Project storage in a single file, providing an easier way to manage projects, and reduce file clutter
  • ·         Importation of entire folders of documents, including their subfolders, and storage of the original file location
  • ·         Improved exportation of code statistics with a preview panel and new export formats
  • ·         Extraction of data from XML database files.
  • ·         A toolbar to search for terms or expressions in large output tables
  • ·         A heatmap display of code co-occurrence and case similarity matrices


Some of the new features of SimStat 2.6 include:

  • ·         Data files stored in a single file
  • ·         A more modern looking interface
  • ·         Storage of statistical results and charts in the Report Manager
  • ·         Improved integration with QDA Miner


Please email us if you wish to know if you are eligable for the free upgrade.