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  • AcqKnowledge


    New Features and Enhancements Increase the Power & Flexibility of AcqKnowledge! AcqKnowledge so...
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  • Application Jukebox

    Application Jukebox

    Application Jukebox suite of products are targeted for those customers, such as ISVs, MSPs, ...
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  • Scinet Chart

    Scinet Chart

    Scinet Chart is a powerful and highly flexible data visualization component for creating sop...
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    vanaf € 85,34 excl. BTW
  • ArCADia


    ArCADia BIM basic modules<...
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  • Biopac


    Biopac offers complete systems for life science research and education. Data Acquisition & Anal...
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  • Design-Ease


    Design Ease 10 is nu uit Ontdek de bepalende factoren die uw proces of product verbeteren. D...
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    vanaf € 150,85 excl. BTW
  • Design-Expert


    Design Expert 11 is nu verkrijgbaar

    Haal het maximale uit uw proces! Design-Exp...
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    vanaf € 224,14 excl. BTW
  • EndNote


    EndNote is altijd al de intelligente keuze geweest voor geavanceerd en toch eenvoudig bibliogra...
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  • EquivTest


    EquivTest biedt uitgebreide tests en betrouwbaarheidsintervallen voor equivalentie testen, maar...
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  • HyperChem


    HyperChem HyperChem is a sophisticated molecular modeling environment that is known for its ...
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  • Model ChemLab

    Model ChemLab

    Model ChemLab - An interactive Lab Simulation for Windows® and the Mac® OS X Whether your ...
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  • Netop Vision Pro

    Netop Vision Pro

    Classroom Management Just Got Better. See the short product video (Dutch spoken) at: Lees meer
    vanaf € 22,00 excl. BTW
  • NucX


    NucX is a desktop application which provides access to nuclear properties of over 3200+ isotope...
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    vanaf € 25,00 excl. BTW
  • OCMC Toolsuite

    OCMC Toolsuite

    Werk nog beter met Microsoft Word! De OCMC Toolsuite is een onmisbare Microsoft Word-applica...
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    vanaf € 3,00 excl. BTW
  • OCMC WIndows FileScanner

    OCMC WIndows FileScanner

    Wilt u altijd uw bestanden vinden? De FileScanner maakt dit mogelijk. Lang zoeken naar besta...
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  • RefWorks


    RefWorks allows users to create personal databases and use them for a variety of research activ...
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  • Scinet


    Scinet is the combination of Scinet Math and Scinet Chart

    Scinet Math is a suite of ...
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    vanaf € 150,86 excl. BTW
  • Scinet Math

    Scinet Math

    Scinet Math is a suite of numerical software libraries that are 100% object-oriented and ful...
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    vanaf € 85,34 excl. BTW
  • TeraPlot 2D/3D

    TeraPlot 2D/3D

    TeraPlot graphing software gives you everything you need for publication quality graph plott...
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    vanaf € 193,10 excl. BTW