Scinet is the combination of Scinet Math and Scinet Chart

Scinet Math is a suite of numerical software libraries that are 100% object-oriented and fully compliant with the Common Language Infrastructure specifications. It provides a broad range of advanced computational capabilities under one roof. As an integral component of the SCINET Scientific Software Framework, Scinet Math is deigned and optimized for rapid development of high performance, high precision software applications.

Scinet Chart is a powerful and highly flexible data visualization component for creating sophisticated and very attractive 2D and 3D plots of numerical data and mathematical functions. It supports a variety of chart options to help visualize the data in a more useful and informative manner.

- Powered by SCINET Scientific Software FrameworkUnlimited number of stunning 2D and 3D charts on a single chart control
- A broad range of advanced computational capabilities under one roof
- Reprogrammable, create your own customized chart types

Please check the website of OBACS, the makers of Scinet, for more information.

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vanaf € 150,86 excl. BTW

Scinet Specificaties

Platform Windows
Levertijd 1-2 days
Medium Elektronisch
Versie Nee
Fabrikant OBACS