Superlab X5 for Eye Tracker Support

Cedrus announces our brand new product, SuperLab X5, which combines the awesomeness of SuperLab 5 with support for eye trackers from SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) and Tobii.

SuperLab X5 provides live integration with SMI and Tobii eye trackers, allowing you to easily build gaze contingent experiments. For each trial, SuperLab X5 sends the coordinates of areas of interest (AOIs) to the eye tracker, which in turn informs SuperLab X5 when the gaze is inside one of these AOIs.

Ready to run an experiment? SuperLab X5 provides eye tracker calibration on the fly, eliminating the need to go back and forth between your stimulus presentation computer and the eye tracker.

When no hardware is present, SuperLab X5 provides an eye tracker emulation mode using the mouse, so you can continue to work when away from the lab.

When used with SMI’s BeGaze software, SuperLab X5 makes available a screen snapshot of the trial. With this feature, BeGaze will overlay the screen snapshot with a heat map of the participant’s eye gaze. Screen capture is also available with Tobii Studio.

SuperLab X5 is in public beta testing, get it now. Even if you do not currently have an eye tracker, you can still use the mouse emulation feature to try it out.

Availability: In voorraad

€ 3.443,97 excl. BTW
Superlab X5 for Eye Tracker Support